Disciple-Making Strategy Questions

Pray. Gather a team with passion for disciple-making. Work through these questions. Don’t be afraid to launch disciple-making actions while working through strategy development. But keep things fluid so adjustments can be made.

Consider these questions as starters:


  1. What is the current state of disciple-making (strengths and needs)?
  2. What programs, ministries, and events are accomplishing a portion of the work of disciple-making? Which part? How well?
  3. What are the challenges and hurdles facing disciple-making?


  1. What are we supposed to be doing in disciple-making? What is our mission?


  1. Why do we do what we do in our disciple-making efforts? What do we value?


  1. How do we do what we do in our disciple-making efforts? What would our disciple-making strategy map/flowchart look like?


  1. When are we successful in our disciple-making efforts? How could we measure effectiveness of our efforts?


  1. Where is God leading us in our disciple-making?
  2. How will we know we are heading in the right direction?


  1. How will be build church support of the disciple-making strategy?
  2. How will we communicate the disciple-making vision in response to congregational questions and concerns?
  3. How do we lead the church to “own” urgency for disciple-making?
  4. How will we lead people to recognize our Lord’s vision for disciple-making?

I want to acknowledge drawing help from an article by Will Mancini entitled, 36 Questions for 20/20 Church Vision from Start to Finish.

What questions would you add? As my church’s disciple-making strategy team has discussed many of these question and read various resources, it has been amazing the common language, ideas, and direction they have discovered. Now is a good time to start!

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