Disciple-Making Meeting Elements

As I write, social distancing related to the COVID-19 virus pandemic continues. As a result, many disciple-making efforts during this period were suspended or changed. Some meetings changed from face-to-face to video conferencing, phone, or other apps (like Small Circle). But many meeting elements continue.

After we move beyond this current period, many of the disciple-making meeting methods used now will continue. While face-to-face is preferred, delivery by other means will be necessary and chosen. This is true for meetings that are one-on-one, a D-group of five, or a small group.

Meeting Elements

No matter the delivery method chosen, there are some key elements that may be chosen to be part of disciple-making meetings. Consider these elements:

  • relationship development;
  • prayer;
  • meeting covenant and calendaring;
  • scripture reading, discussion, and application;
  • journaling;
  • spiritual disciplines;
  • Christian worldview and theology discussion;
  • focus on Jesus, His life, and His teachings;
  • goal-setting, challenges, and loving accountability;
  • making and reporting on assignments;
  • reports of living obediently and adjustments;
  • use of Bible study and disciple-making resources and tools;
  • and more.

I am not saying that everything in the list would be done in every meeting. Disciple-makers would use some elements regularly, some irregularly, and some dependent on the needs of disciples. What would you add to this list?

Meeting delivery may change, but consistency, simplicity, and reproducibility are important. If the disciple cannot reproduce the meetings, then disciples will likely not reproduce. And that is a test of the effectiveness of disciple-making. Grow as a disciple. Make disciples!

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash

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