Disciple-Making Materials

What materials are you using for one-on-one disciple-making? What materials are you using for D-groups (small disciple-making groups of four or less)? Please press Comments and share what you are using and how you are using those materials.

This blog is not in the business of promoting or selling products, but there is a lot of interest in one-on-one or one-on-small-group disciple-making right now. In response to that interest, I want to share three sets of materials that can help.

Billie Hanks Series:

Disciples Path Series:

Growing Disciples Series:

Use these materials to invest in 1-4 disciples who will be prepared to invest in 1-4 disciples (think 2 Timothy 2:2). Then when you and your disciples have worked through the materials, you each invest in one or more disciples.

Each of the above sets could be worked through in a year. So by the end of the second year, you have four disciple-makers ready to invest in four more. This may seem slow, but consider this:  with multiplication efforts continuing annually, you could impact over 4,000 people by the end of the twelfth year!

What is your strategy for disciple-making? What materials are you using? How are those efforts going? Let’s start a disciple-making movement. Make disciples!

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