Choose a Bible Reading Plan

According to LifeWay research, one of the largest predictors of spiritual growth is reading the Bible. A Bible reading plan should become a natural part of a disciple’s lifestyle. That means conversation with God (Bible reading and prayer) becomes more than a habit.


Habits, even good ones, can become hurried and shallow. As a habit, Bible reading can become a box you check rather than an anticipated appointment with God. A lifestyle means Bible reading becomes part of the rhythm and flow of a disciple’s life.

Bible Reading Plan

A helpful tool for Bible reading is a reading plan. There are many available in print, in apps, and online. I encourage you to do some personal research and trial. They come in a great variety.

Some come with devotionals, some with journaling, and others with social elements. Other plans read though the entire Bible in a year (or less) while some focus on a few verses five days per week. Some plans read through the Bible in traditional order while others are chronological, thematic, different genres, or mixed plans.

Here are some suggestions for using a plan:

  • stick with the plan (avoid changing due to boredom or stopping because of busyness)
  • choose an ideal time/place but be flexible
  • strive toward a daily encounter with God in His Word, even on the busy days
  • work accountability into the plan for your encouragement and so you can encourage others
  • always connect Bible reading to prayer–respond to what God said in His Word (save enough time to pray)
  • look for opportunity to live out and/or share what God tells you.

Read the Bible daily as a lifestyle and teach your disciples to do the same. Be a growing disciple. Make disciples!

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