Bible Storying Conference

A Truth That Sticks seminar led by Dr. Mark Snowden of the Missouri Baptist Convention will be offered at Corinth Baptist Church, London, KY, on Saturday, September 26, 8:30-4:30 PM. Mark Snowden is coauthor (with Avery Willis, Jr) of the book Truth That Sticks which details how Bible storying can be used to effectively make disciples. This training will demonstrate how to use this method in your church, small group or family. Click HERE to register.

Today in America, half of the people won’t or don’t read well. Begin creatively transforming the lives of this generation by using first-century methods of teaching?storytelling, drama, and dialog. The “TruthSticks” strategy is a revolutionary approach using the DNA of the first century disciplemaking that will…

  • Use Bible sorying to effectively make disciples at all levels,
  • Unite families by using fun methods to disciple children.
  • Revitalize small groups. and
  • Develop a disciple-making church.

Bible storying is a creative tool to use in Bible teaching, disciple-making, leadership, and evangelism. Come to this one-day training and learn how you can become a disciple-maker using the storytelling method. You will learn how to tell a Bible story and ask questions, which will help you make disciples!

COST:  $10 per person (includes a book and lunch)

LOCATION:  Corinth Baptist Church, 1671 Old Whitley Rd, London, KY

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