6 Bible Study Tools

When you open God’s Word, He speaks. In order to understand Him, we must listen well. Listening with expectation and prayer, without rushing, and with Bible study tools can really help.

Bible Study Tools

What Bible study tools do you regularly use? These can be print, online, or even methods which enable insight. I shared recently a couple of methods: Disciple with R.O.P.E.S. and Teach Disciples to Use S.O.A.P. Allow me to remind you of some important print and online Bible study tools:

  1. Bible(s). You may find multiple translations beneficial, but one that becomes your “study” Bible can be helpful in seeing patterns and consistent word use, etc.
  2. Bible dictionary. Even an English dictionary can enlarge your understanding of words. Develop the habit of looking up key words.
  3. Concordance. Studying cross references enlarges your insights into words, customs, places, and more.
  4. Commentaries. These add background and context to the passage. But I want to encourage you to do your own study before leaning on commentaries so you develop good Bible study habits.
  5. Maps. These add much visual understanding to places, distances, events, and more.
  6. Journal and pen. Write insights in your Bible or in a journal. If using a Bible, some are printed today with margins intended for notes.

There are many other useful tools. Which other ones do you find helpful and why? Leave a reply to share your comments. Study God’s Word. Use tools to help you listen carefully to what He says. Make disciples!

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