3 Personal Discipleship Priorities

A new year is a great opportunity to evaluate and focus your attention and energy on priorities. Consider these three personal discipleship priorities:

  1. Grow as a disciple. Spend time in Bible study and prayer. Follow Jesus. Avoid going through the motions. Take the time to listen to God and to do what He says. Journaling may help. Seek an accountability partner. Read the Gospels to review the commands of Jesus so you can teach them to others.
  2. Invest in relationships. Take stock of the relationships you have. In whom should you be investing yourself as a disciple: spouse, children, friends, workmates, people in the marketplace, and others? Deepen existing relationships and work to develop new ones. Especially pray for and focus on one or a few.
  3. Disciple one or a few. Don’t miss opportunities to teach about Jesus, but focus on one or more seeker, new Christian, or other to disciple. Ask if you can walk with them a little ways along the path. Regularly pray and study God’s Word together. Talk about life through the lenses of Jesus and the Word. Apply the truth and check on progress in living it out.

Pray and consider these personal discipleship priorities. Take steps to put them into practice this year. Be a disciples. Invest in others. Make disciples!

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