Who Am I to Disciple?

There are many questions being asked by potential disciple-makers. Sadly, the lack of answers to these questions have produced much indecisiveness and immobility. Too often the result is no start and no disciple-making.

How do we break through this potential roadblock? Prayerful decisiveness and activity. In the case of the title question, pray for God’s leadership about the individual or individuals God wants you to disciple. This will likely be more than a two-minute prayer. This may be a season of prayer.

But keep your eyes and mind open. God will bring people before your eyes and into your thoughts. When God says yes, approach the individual. Ask for the privilege to disciple him/her.

Through conversation, establish some ground rules. When will you meet? How long will you meet each time (minutes/hours)? How long will you meet (weeks/months/years)? What method/materials will you use? Will the discipling be one-on-one or as a group?

Then get started. Keep praying. Work on a trusting relationship. Focus on praying, Bible study, and spiritual disciplines together. Stop periodically together to evaluate the relationship and progress. Look for ways to improve the time.

What would you add to these actions? Pray. Identify who. Start. Make disciples!

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