Use a H.E.A.R. Journal to Listen and Obey

I have written about other methods for listening, obeying, and journaling as we seek God in His Word. One method I shared was in Review: Using S.O.A.P.. The anagram is for scripture, observation, application, prayer. Another method has been championed by Robby Gallaty. It is the H.E.A.R. journal.

H.E.A.R. Journal

For a great article by Robby, check out What Is a HEAR Journal. I really like the four key words from his anagram, HEAR:

  • Highlight,
  • Explain,
  • Apply,
  • Respond.

Robby’s article is full of great questions for each of those key words. Anagrams like HEAR and SOAP, are useful in disciple-making because they are simple and memorable. It is easy to practice together with your disciples and family members. It is easy for the anagram and the questions to become a natural part of your Bible study practice.

While you can create your own journal by using a blank journal, you can also journal through a 260-day Bible reading plan using Robby & Kandi Gallaty’s Foundations journal. The website shares many helpful posts and resources.

Journaling Matters

I have written several times about journaling because it makes such a difference for many people. Three posts from which you may find help are Journaling: Rest, Reflect, Respond, Bible Reading Plan Plus Journaling, and Spiritual Discipline: Journaling. Many have found journaling together to be an encouragement. Journaling with your disciples can be key to getting them into God’s Word, and your efforts matter for that spiritual discipline to continue beyond your discipling efforts.

I want to challenge you to find a journaling method that works for you and your disciples. Practice it together. Challenge your disciples to teach the method to family members or other potential disciples. May it become a natural part of listening to and obeying God in His Word. Be disciples. Make disciples!

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