Ten Disciple-Making Strategy Questions

There are many ways to get from Kentucky to Arizona. While there is only one way to get to heaven, and that is through a relationship with Jesus, there are many ways to disciple Jesus-followers. Here are some strategy questions which may be helpful as you plan your route:

Ten Strategy Questions

  1. What are you doing to help brand new Christians (including children) to begin growing in their relationship with Jesus, reading His Word, praying, and living like Him?
  2. Who is investing in disciples to help them take next steps of becoming and living like Jesus?
  3. How are those who want to be discipled connecting with those who are willing to disciple them?
  4. What group size do you believe is the most effective in discipling people: one-on-one; micro groups (2-3); D-groups (3-5); small groups (5-8), etc.?
  5. What materials are you using in your strategy to make disciples?
  6. How are you making God’s Word central in your strategy?
  7. How reproducible is your strategy to make disciples? Can a new Christian do it? Can a teenager or child do it?
  8. At what point in your disciple-making strategy are disciples encouraged to pray for, seek, and begin to invest in their own disciples?
  9. Have church leaders (including the pastor) participated in a disciple-making group and discipled others? Leading by example is powerful.
  10. How often do you gather a leadership team to evaluate your disciple-making strategy to ensure effectiveness?

Other Questions

There are many other questions that can be added to this list, but answering these ten will help you strengthen your strategy. But as you review them, what question(s) do you see missing? Leave a comment sharing your question(s).

Gather a planning team. Pray together. Review these questions. Develop and launch your flexible strategy. Tweak and improve it. Make disciples!

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