Starting a D-Group

My friend, Bob Mayfield, this week posted a practical post entitled How to Start a D-Group. I want to encourage you to read the entire post. Here are the first two sections:

Why D-Groups?
Disciples are best made in a community of close relationships. Jesus had Peter, James, and John. The apostle Paul had Timothy, Silas, and Luke. David has his inner circle of three mighty men; Josheb, Eleazar, and Shammah. A D-Group is not just any group, it is a biblical group. That is… a D-Group is a smaller group of about four to six people who meet together to share the Word of God with each other; learn Scripture together, and support and encourage each other through prayer and relationships; and ultimately start more D-Groups and make more disciples (replicate).

Starting a D-Group
D-Groups are easy to start. Simply invite three other people to join you, plan your first get-together, decide what Bible passage the group wants to immerse themselves in, and then follow through and do it!

A great time for a D-Group to meet is when the church is providing ministry to children, such as Sunday or Wednesday evenings. If you are inviting neighbors or Sunday and Wednesday evenings will not work, then get them together and work out the best time for everyone to meet.

If possible, consider inviting three people from your Small Group or Sunday School class. A class that has several people involved in a D-Group is going to be a great class. A D-Group will not only help the participants grow spiritually, it can also help the whole class!

To read the rest, go to How to Start a D-Group. You can read a little more at Discipleship: D-groups Panel Discussion and Chad Morrow: A Disciple Making Journey, Part 2. Choose a strategy. Make disciples!

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