Start A Membership Class

In this post, I will focus on the “S” in C.L.O.S.I.N.G. the Back Door. “S” stands for Start A Membership Class. See The Importance of a Membership Class for more information.

A membership class can play a vital role in member retention. The class should be taught by the senior pastor and he should have an intentional focus on building relationships. Here are a few simple ways to use the membership class as a place of connection:

  • Eat inside. Allow time before, during, or after each class for light refreshments and fellowship.
  • Eat outside. Share a meal together “outside” of class. Make it simple and inexpensive, so no one will be hindered by cost. There’s just something about sharing a meal together that builds relationships. Jesus used the method to reach out to tax collectors and sinners as a part of His ministry (Mark 2:15-16).
  • Spin a web. The World Wide Web that is! You can share email addresses, exchange Facebook addresses, set up a New Member Yahoo Group, or an email-based prayer chain. Use the internet to connect those in the class. With their permission, put them on the church email mailing list. Communicate with them by email each week to remind them about the class and to share other class-related information.
  • Name it and claim it! Give everyone name tags. The leaders should wear name tags as well and they should be just like the ones given to those in attendance. Ask everyone to wear them each week.

For more details about CLOSING the Back Door see the entire series:

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