Review: Turn Sermons into Discipleship Experiences

Would you like to worship, be motivated, AND be discipled from sermons? Consider these simple ideas this Sunday:

  • Be on time: Avoid rushing and missing preparation (see below).
  • Enter worship with prayer: If you expect to encounter God in worship, you will be less likely to miss Him.
  • Choose the best seat: Choose wisely for vision, hearing, and distraction reduction.
  • Bring your Bible: Technology is fine–as long as the technology does not tempt you toward distraction.
  • Take notes: Even with a Bible app, you may find paper notes more convenient. Flipping between apps can be challenging (and distracting). Include the date and scripture reference for later review. What are the major points?
  • Determine the point: What is the point of the passage/sermon? What does God expect? How does God want you to respond? Add to your sermon notes.
  • Ask God for help: Commit to be obedient. Ask for His help in carrying out a plan.
  • Make a plan of action: Write it down. Share it (accountability). Add to your sermon notes.
  • Take a step: Focus on one step, ideally the most important one. Keep your commitment to be obedient.
  • Review your sermon notes: After 3-4 days, check your notes to see how you are doing at carrying out the commitment to obedience.
  • Adjust as needed: Get busy if you have not started. Ask for God’s help. Adjust the plan if needed.

What would you add to these thoughts? Every sermon can be a discipleship encounter for you. Make it so. Make disciples!

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