Post Easter Follow Up

I know most of us are wiped out from Easter Sunday. Many churches did an extra worship in order to reach more people. In all of my pastorates we added one or two worship times and saw the highest attendance of the year. With all the special preparation for sermons, music presentations, extra greeters, and parking issues, you might not want to read any further but you must have a quick Easter follow up plan going on today!

Many brand new guests walked through your church’s front door last Sunday and maybe even some members who have been absent for a long time. Now what do we do to show them we care and desire for them to come back?

First step… (Monday or Tuesday) Mail guests a great follow up card or letter immediately. Quick follow up is really important for all guests so why not send them a handwritten card. Pastors can write a brief note and send it in the next few days. A personal hand written note that has also been hand addressed takes a little more time but pays great dividends. People love to receive personal mail not something that they know has been massed produced. They will often throw away what they perceive as junk mail. Knowing the pastor took the time to do this says much about the heart of the pastor and church.

Recently my wife and I visited a church and not only received a hand written note from the pastor but a $5 gift card to Dairy Queen. (I’ve already had my blizzard!)

Second Step…(Thursday) If they gave you an email address on the guest card, then follow up with a quick note a few days after your letter is written. You might include again how glad you were they attended, ask if they have any questions about the church and let them know what you are preaching on this coming Sunday.

If you did not meet these guests last Sunday, tell them to meet you in a central area of the church before or after the service so you can personally greet them.

Third Step…(Saturday) As a pastor I found I could catch people at home on Saturday afternoons so make a quick telephone call. If you miss them and get the answering machine leave a brief message sharing that you really hope they can be in worship the next day. You could also mention about small group Bible study.

Fourth Step… Have the appropriate age group leaders (Sunday School, children’s and youth pastor, etc.) follow up on all family members: preschool, children and teenagers. If parents know you are genuinely interested in ministering to their children you will open the door wide to reach them.

Keep the Son in Your Eyes,

Mike James

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