New Believer Mentoring

Have you ever mentored a new believer? If not, plan to do so in the near future! It is one of the most exciting and inspiring assignments you will ever accept as a Christian.

Here are some basic, fundamental steps a person might take during the first year as he/she mentors a new believer. These comments are not intended to be comprehensive, but can serve as a lauching pad for the exhilirating (have I mentioned this is EXCITING?) process.

Initially, the mentor should advise the new believer about baptism, church membership, and church involvement. The mentor should be certain that the new believer is connected to a quality small group. In addition, the mentor should….

  1. Assist the new believer in securing a good, accurate, reader-friendly Study Bible.  Ask the new believer to begin by slowly reading through the Gospel of  John. Ask them to take notes from their reading. Discuss the passage and respond to their notes during each mentoring session. Get them started on some type of regular Bible Reading Plan.
  2. Help the new believer take the first steps to discovering who they are in Christ. You could use one of the following resources: Survival Kit (LifeWay); Beginning Steps (NAMB); and Taking the New Step (LifeWay).
  3. Lead the new believer to establish Christian disciplines. A great resource is The Call to Follow Christ: Six Disciplines for New and Growing  Believers (LifeWay).
  4. Help the new believer discover their spiritual gifts and their God-given S.H.A.P.E. Some helpful resources include: Team Ministry: Spiritual Gift Assessment (Church Growth Institute); S.H.A.P.E. – Finding and Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose in Life (Purpose Driven); Spiritual Gifts: A Practical Guide to How God Works Through You (LifeWay); and The BodyLife Journey (LifeWay).
  5. 5.  Guide the new believer to an appropriate ministry in their local church.

Had some good or bad experiences? Please share some of your suggestions and experiences in mentoring new believers.

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