Movement: Discipleship Evidence

With the need for social distancing due to the Coronavirus, the pace of life has slowed down for many. Destinations (work, stores, services, and more) have temporarily closed. As a result, movement is more limited. Many are staying in their homes and only venturing out for prescriptions or groceries.

Evidence of life includes ingestion, digestion, reproduction, and more. Movement is also a natural expression or evidence of life. Regular pace and moving has recently been restricted. Many in my neighborhood after a couple of weeks of limited mobility have begun getting stir crazy. They are out working in their yards, walking the sidewalks, and talking to neighbors (six feet apart).


In the same way, movement is a natural expression or evidence of discipling taking place in the life of a disciple. Without movement, one might conclude that the disciple is either sick or dead.

What might movement look like in the life of a disciple? Consider some of the following expressions of movement or evidences:

  • conversation is more about Jesus and His ways,
  • more time is devoted to prayer and Bible study,
  • greater concern for the needs of others,
  • a growing desire to help others,
  • an increased willingness to witness,
  • sensitivity to the leadership of God in his/her life,
  • openness to go wherever God sends and do whatever He asks,
  • and so much more.

In a nutshell, movement is going and growing. It is sharing and making spiritual progress. It is not staying the same place or state.

Setting Goals Together Helps

Knowing that we have not arrived can be motivational. Knowing where we need to be or go, can create a sense of hope and direction. Setting goals can help us make plans to move, but solo goal efforts fail too often. I want to encourage you to set goals for movement with a mentor or friend. Regularly ask him/her to check on your progress. Keep a spiritual journal which includes your goals and your progress. Be a moving disciples. Make disciples!

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