How To Disciple Students (Podcast)

Recently, I sat down in the studio with Joe Ball, Kentucky Baptist Convention Youth Strategist, to discuss discipleship and assimilation. We focused on those topics especially as they relate to students. You can listen to our conversation on his blog, Despising None.

During our conversation about mentoring students, I pointed out some of the safeguards we should put in place when meeting with students. Joe offered a great suggestion! He said that you can meet with students in public places like fast-food restaurants or coffee shops for mentoring purposes. The public location provides protection for the students and the leader. He said the leader should always be sure the parents know about the meeting location, time, and purpose.

For more information on mentoring, please see New Believer Mentoring, How to Get Started with 1-2-1 Discipleship, and Top 5 Reasons to Disciple 1-2-1.

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