Church Growth Myths, Part 1

How do you grow your members from converts to disciples? We often think the whole process is automatic.  People will find out for themselves how to grow in their faith. NOT!

If we don’t have a discipleship process in place we are presuming that it will just happen.  It’s as if our churches are on automatic pilot and we don’t really know where we are going.   It’s sad because nothing happens by accident.  Many churches don’t offer any helps to “Make and mature Disciples.”  Why?

Part of the problem is our misconceptions about the process of discipleship.  I addressed some of these in the last few blogs on jump-starting your discipleship.

Rick Warren shares six myths about spiritual maturity that are right on target.  We will look at the first three now and the next three in part 2. Read these and see if you agree or disagree. Here they are…


Maturity Myth 1 : “Spiritual growth is automatic once you are born again.”

Evidently a lot of churches believe this myth, because they have no organized plan for following-up new believers and no comprehensive strategy for developing members to maturity. They assume that Christians will automatically grow to maturity if they attend church services. Yet, the truth is that spiritual growth is intentional. It requires a commitment to grow. A person must want to grow, decide to grow, and make an effort to grow.

Maturity Myth 2: “Spiritual growth is mystical and maturity is attainable by only a select few.”

The truth is that spiritual growth is very practical. Any believer can grow to maturity if he or she will develop the habits necessary for spiritual growth. Paul often compared training for the Christian life to the way athletes prepare themselves and stay in shape. We need to take the mystery out of spiritual growth by breaking the components down into practical, everyday habits.

Maturity Myth 3: “Spiritual maturity can occur instantly if you just find the right ‘key.'”

Many sincere Christians spend their entire lives earnestly searching for an experience, a conference, a revival, a book, a tape, or a single truth that will instantly transform them into a mature believer. Their search is futile. The truth is that spiritual growth is a gradual process of development. There are no shortcuts to maturity.

Are any of these three myths influencing you? Have you bought in to “let’s do nothing and see what happens?” How do you feel about these six myths? What is your plan for moving converts, babes in Christ, to become fully devoted followers of Jesus?

We talk much about having a passion for evangelism and reaching lost people for Jesus and we should, but we should be just as passionate about seeing people mature in the faith. As we mature believers…guess what? Those people become our best witnesses to bring other people to saving faith in Christ. As a matter of fact, if new believers are not discipled few will intentionaly share their faith.  Evangelism and discipleship are vitally connected. Growing your Church is a challenge. Don’t miss the discipleship component which helps you grow your church from the inside out!

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