Chick-Fil-A Church

The average church could learn a lot from Chick-fil-A. Last night my family dropped by for a casual dinner. As usual, we had a wonderful experience. Good food, great service, fair prices! Their mission statement is simple, “Be America’s Best Quick-Service Restaurant!” The founder, Truett Cathy, may well have fulfilled that statement.


  • Clean and neat. The restaurant was well landscaped, clean, and bright. The atmosphere made me comfortable and relaxed from the beginning.
  • Friendly, prompt service. The gentleman that took our order made eye contact, smiled, welcomed us, and processed our order perfectly.
  • Generous. Condiments were available at the condiment station and we were trusted to get the amount we needed. A whole basket of delicious mints were available for the taking. (Note: I only took one.)
  • Great product. Of course, the main reason we went to the restaurant was to eat. As usual, their food was hot, tasty, neatly packaged, and delivered with a smile.
  • Customer-oriented. After my meal, I walked to the counter to get a refill of their delicious sweet tea. At that particular moment everyone was busy, but a gentleman who was wiping off a table saw me and quickly came up and said, “Sir, could I get you a refill.” I really don’t think it was his job to refill my tea, but he left what he was doing to serve a customer. After I thanked him, he said, “It’s my pleasure sir.” I’m sorry, but that was just flat impressive!

I’m not going to bother trying to make an application to the church because I think the application is obvious. I repeat, the average church could learn a lot from Chick-fil-A.


  1. hi, steve –

    i liked your comparison. may i have permission to excerpt it for my weekly newsletter column sometime?

    blessings, steve hall
    minister of music/education
    high street baptist church
    somerset, ky

  2. Steve — We have the exact same experience at Chik-Fil-A in Texas. I’m always impressed when they say, “My pleasure.” Makes me want to eat there over any other fast food joint.


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