Boomer & Senior Celebration 2024

Boomer & Senior Celebration events are fun, inspirational times of gathering together for worship, workshops, lunch, and entertainment. You will be challenged and encouraged. You will laugh, make new friends, learn new things, and establish new practices. Invite your friends to join you for this year’s Celebration!

Boomers (born 1946-1964) and Seniors (born before 1946) are valuable members of churches and Sunday Schools. They have many life experiences, gifts, and abilities to share. They are generous in giving of time, energy, and resources and often have a strong commitment to God, the church, and each other. For many Boomers and Seniors, faith, perseverance, and fitness are life words. These words set the theme for this year’s Celebration events.


By Faith…Run the Race (Based on Hebrews 11-12)

When and Where

  • EAST: Tuesday, April 23: Versailles Baptist Church, 125 E Green St, Versailles, KY
  • WEST: Thursday, April 25: First Baptist Church, 960 Industrial Park Rd, Dawson Springs, KY

Schedule for Boomer & Senior Celebration

  • 8:45 Registration/Light Breakfast sponsored by the Kentucky Baptist Foundation
  • 9:30 Morning Worship Session
  • 10:45 Workshops
  • 11:45 Lunch
  • 12:45 Workshops
  • 2:00 Afternoon Entertainment Session
  • 3:00 Dismiss

Who Will Enjoy This Event?

  • Boomers (born 1946-1964)
  • Seniors (born before 1946)
  • Leaders of Boomers and Seniors
  • Pastors

Worship, Entertainment, and Workshop Personalities

  • Paul Badgett, Retired Pastor and KBC Regional Consultant, Flatwoods
  • Emory Riley, Senior Adult Pastor, Severns Valley Baptist Church, Elizabethtown
  • Brad Brown, Christian Magician, Florence
  • Austin Wilkerson, General Counsel, Kentucky Baptist Foundation
  • Elizabeth Ellis, Lighted Pathway, Lexington
  • Larry Purcell, Retired KBC Regional Consultant, Bardwell (west only)
  • Andy McDonald, North Central Regional Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention (east only)
  • Kyle Noffsinger, Pastor, Southside Baptist Church, Princeton (west only)
  • Judy Moore, Doctor of Physical Therapy (east only)
  • Darryl Wilson, Sunday School, Discipleship & Senior Adult Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention
  • Kenny Rager, Church Evangelism Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention (west only)
  • Ian Carrico, West Regional Consultant, Kentucky Baptist Convention (east only)
  • and more.


  1. Spiritual Fitness: Hebrews 11-12 Bible Study; Andy McDonald (east); Larry Purcell (west)
  2. Emotional Fitness: Emotional Health as You Age; Elizabeth Ellis (both)
  3. Physical Fitness: Maintaining Strength and Coordination; Judy Moore (east); Kyle Noffsinger (west)
  4. Legacy Fitness: Continuing to Have Impact; Austin Wilkerson (both)
  5. Ministry Fitness: Having a Gospel Conversation; Ian Carrico (east); Kenny Rager (west)
  6. Leadership Fitness: Leading Effective Boomer/Senior Ministry; Darryl Wilson (both)
  7. Health & Nutrition Fitness: Maintaining Healthy Medical Habits and Nutrition; Baptist Nursing Fellowship (both)

Register Now

  • Register your group at
  • Cost includes program and lunch:
    • $20 per person by April 15
    • $25 after April 15

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