Church Prepared: Sexual Abuse Prevention, Response, and Care

There is much we can do to protect the sheep the Lord has place in our care. Are you a pastor, discipleship leader, greeter, a parent or grandparent, member of your church security team, a deacon, or someone with care? Then, I invite you to this Church Prepared training coming to a location near you.

Church Prepared

MinistrySafe will provide a 4-hour training for church staff and lay leaders regarding sexual abuse prevention, response, and care. Training will cover child sexual abuse in Christian environments, understanding offender behaviors and the grooming process, appropriate prevention and responding to allegations, as well as understanding a trauma-informed response and care for survivors.

Training Dates and Locations

Press the date/location link above to register for the Church Prepared event near you.

About MinistrySafe

MinistrySafe is a national leader in sexual abuse risk reduction. Their underlying mission is to protect children and those who care for them. Attorneys Greg Love and Kimberlee Norris are sexual abuse attorneys with a nationwide legal practice that focuses on issues involving child sexual abuse. With over sixty years of combined experience, Love and Norris provide a wide variety of services related to prevention and response to sexual abuse allegations. They are visiting professors at Dallas Theological Seminary where they teach the only graduate-level course about sexual abuse prevention in Christian contexts. Numerous Southern Baptist state conventions, Southern Baptist seminaries, and churches throughout the US are utilizing MinistrySafe.

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